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Prof. Michael Trapasso from Western Kentucky University Academic Visit KDL & IRCK

January 28, 2010KDL 2666

Prof. Michael Trapasso from Western Kentucky University Academic Visit KDL & IRCK


    Recommended by Prof. Chris Groves, the member of IRCK Governing Board and Academic Committee, Prof. Michael Trapasso, a meteorologist from the Department of Geography and Geology of Western Kentucky University of America came to Guilin, China from January 17-20, 2010, to visit IRCK/the Institute of Karst Geology (IKG) and typical karst landscapes of Guilin.

    Focusing on Human Bioclimatology, Applied Climatology, Environmental Perception, and Forensic Meteorology, Prof. Trapasso has been engaged in the meteorological research in his career. He is a meteorologist and also a geographer and is one of the authors of a very popular English language textbook entitled Physical Geography

    During his stay in Guilin, Prof. Trapasso visited the Institute of Karst Geology and tourist attractions. When coming to the Karst Geology Museum of China in IKG, He said he was amazed about the fact that as a research organization, IKG has its own museum and even builds it to be a national base for education of land and resources. Moreover, he went sightseeing to the Li River and enjoyed the idyllic landscape in Yangshuo Town.

    In the morning of January 19, Prof. Trapasso delivered a lecture entitled “Tourism in the Land of Ozone Hole: A Perception Study” in the Academic Hall of the IKG in which he introduced and analyzed the origin, current situation and developing tendency of the global phenomenon--- the destroy and absence of the atmospheric ozone layer (which is widely called as “ozone hole”), the reaction of the local residents, government, media and business entities in the land of ozone hole to the phenomenon, and a general view of the animals and plants in the Antarctic. Research staff and postgraduates of IKG attended his lecture and raised a heated discussion with him. After that, Prof. Trapasso, accompanied by IKG’s research staff Prof. Cao Jianhua, Prof. Zhang Cheng and research associate Wang Jinliang, drove to Yaji Village and Maocun Village to visit the automatic hydrologeological observation sites.?? (News wrote by Mrs.Qian Lu

Photo 1. Prof. Michael Trapasso give a lecture in the Academic Hall of the IKG (Photo by Prof.Zhang Cheng)

Photo 2. Prof. Michael Trapasso visit the Maocun monitoring site(Photo by Prof.Zhang Cheng)