Karst Dynamics Laboratory, affiliated with the Ministry of Land and Resources

Introduction to the Karst Dynamics Laboratory, MLR

February 13, 2009KDL 10813

Karst Dynamics Laboratory (KDL), affiliated with the Ministry of Land and Resources, is the only one of this kind in China. The Lab. was established in 1997 at the Institute of Karst Geology, CAGS, The Lab. is located in Guilin, the karst scenic city in south China. The major subjects of research include basic theory in karstology, rehabilitation of rocky desertification, development and harness of karst water resources, geological hazards prevention, and others. 11 projects in all levels have been finished in the past ten years, and 4 Projects is still ongoing. KDL has subsidized 11 experts from home and overseas to work in the Lab and, established intimate cooperation with more than 250 experts from 46 Countries (Regions) . It has trained 5 Doctors, and published 16 monographs, and more than 90 articles in academic periodical at home and abroad.