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Yuan Daoxian (Academician)

January 16, 2000KDL 3849

  Prof.     Yuan Daoxian

        Sex:    Male

        Date of Birth:    August 24th,1933 

        Place of Birth:    Zhejiang, China





Academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Senior research scientist at theInstitute of Karst Geology,Professor at the Guangxi Normal University, Chinese Academy of Geological Sciences. Professor at the China University of Geosciences, teaching environmental geology and karst hydrogeology. Professor at the Nanjing University, Departments of Geology and Geography.


The Institute of Karst Geology, 50 Qixing road, Guilin, Guangxi, China 541004 

Tel. +86-773-5834232 (office) 
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Cable : 3310 
Email : dxyuan@karst.edu.cn


Graduated from the College of Geology in Nanjing, May, 1952; Hydrogeologist, July,1956, awarded by the Ministry of Geology; Professor of Geology, April,1981, diploma awarded by the Ministry of Geology and authorized by the State Bureau of Science and Technology Personnel; Chinese Academy of Sciences, elected as Academician at 1991, Beijing.


  1. 1953-1955: Deputy Chief of Engineering Geological Team of Sanmenxia Dam Site on Yellow River;
  2. 1955-1956: Geologist for the Tibet Engineering Research Team of State Council.
  3. 1957 : Chief Geologist for the Wujiang River Engineering Geology Team, Yangtze River Planning Office of State Council.
  4. 1958 : Chief Hydrogeologist at Hydrogeology Survey of Shangdong Province.
  5. 1959-1964: Chief Hydrogeologist at Hydrogeology Survey of Yunnan Province.
  6. 1964 -1966: Deputy Chief Engineer at Nanjiang Geological Survey, Ministry of Geology,in charge of the engineering geological survey for the southern section of Chendu-KunmingRailway.
  7. 1966-1978: Deputy Chief Engineer at the No.6 Hydrogeological Survey,Ministry of Geology, in charge of karst water resources research in Southern China.
  8. 1978 -1986 : Director of the Institute of karst geology.


  • Member of the 32nd and 35th Council of the Geological Society of China.
  • Member of Chinese National Committee of International Hydrological Program(IHP),UNESCO.
  • Member of Chinese National Committee of the International Geosphere-Biosphere Program(IGBP), ICSU.
  • Member of Commission on Karst Hydrogeology, International Association of Hydrogeologists(IAH).
  • Vice Chairman of Chinese National Committee, IAH.
  • President of Commission on Karst Geology,the Geological Society of China.
  • Member of Commission on Quaternary Geology, the Geological Society of China.
  • Member of Editorial Advisory Board for Environmental Geology,an International Journalof Geosciences,


  1. Visited Yugoslavia for a karst hydrogeology tour, Jan.1981.
  2. Visited France for a karst hydrogeology tour, May-June,1981.
  3. Keynote speaker at a session of karst environmental problems, 149th annual meeting of American Asssociation for the Advancement of Sciences(AAAS),
  4. visited USA for a karst hydrogeology tour, and gave lectures at Nevada and Florida Universities, May-June,1983.
  5. At the invitation of Royal Society and Oxford University, gave lecture at School of Geography,Oxford University, and toured karst in England, Oct.-Nov. 1984.
  6. Chaired the session of karst geomorpholghy in the First International Conference of Geomorphology, Manchester, UK, September, 1985;
  7. Scientific Advisor and coordinator to the Sino-British Cave Expedition, 1985;
  8. Leader of Chinese side for the Sino-French cooperative project, the Guilin Karst Hydrogeological experimental site, 1986 -1990;
  9. Keynote speaker at the Second International Conference on Sinkhole,Orlando,FL., USA, Feb.1987.
  10. Editor of proceedings and keynote speaker for the 21st Congress of IAH, Guilin,China, Oct. 1988;
  11. Convenor of the sessions on "surface Subsidence" and "karst Hydrogeology" at the 28th International Geological Conference, Washington, D.C, July,1989;
  12. Leader of the UNESCO/IUGS IGCP 299"geology,climate,hydrology and karst formation" (1990-1994)
  13. Leader of the UNESCO/IUGS IGCP 379 "karst processes and the carbon cycle"(1995-1999) 


  • Grants from the National Natural Science Foundation of China:
        1.karst geochemistry (project 4860145, 1987 -1990); 
        2.karst environment (project 49070155,1991-1994); 
        3.global change records in speleothem(project 49472170,1995-1998);
  • Grants from the Ministry of Geology and Mineral resources: Formation of karst in China (project 8502218, 1992-1995);
  • Grant from Ministry of Land and Resources(Evolution of karst environmental system,1997-2000).

AWARD International Association of Hydrogeologists (IAH) President's Award 1996


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